To Be The Leader In The Educational Sector.

Education is a vibrant force which generates all-pervading energy to create a society free of social, economic, cultural and religious differences. At Punjab Convent School, all the borders of mere academic curriculum are unleashed to provide all-round education to the students. The school’s motto “Learn to Rise” echoes the resounding fact that the students here evolve to become responsible and worthy citizens of our country.

The basic aim at our school is to provide ample opportunities to nurture the inherent qualities of each student. The talent in each student is spotted through the various Activity Clubs ranging from yoga, aerobics, karate, debate, home science, to table tennis and chess. These clubs buzz with activity in full swing contributing to the development of the innate talent in the student. Thus each student is made to feel important in his/ her own perspective and is cared for, with utmost care and warmth. At   Punjab Convent School, , every student emerges out a winner raring to contribute to the Society at large.

The success and eminence of Punjab Convent School began as the dream of one man extended to be transformed into the dream of many. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the future."

v  To impart quality education and enable the pupils to pursue excellence in the field of their choice.

v  To ensure the proper physical, mental and moral growth of the pupils and to create in them a zest for learning in tune with modern scientific temper.

v  To enlarge the mental horizons and to broaden the outlook of the pupils through the inculcation of the Reading Habit and the Book Culture.

v  To arouse in them the aesthetic sense in order to appreciate and uphold the beauty of nature and everything in it both animate and inanimate.

v  To provide the pupils with opportunities (through a built in system of co-curricular activities ) to be innovative, independent and confident so that they may ever channel their energies towards creative pursuits.

v  To help them to understand and appreciate that one's own good lies in the general good, through training in cooperation, team spirit and concern for others expressed through genuine service.

v  Provide holistic and Progressive education in tune with the latest developments in Education.

v  Acquire "Learning to Learn" skills through unique and innovative teaching methods.

v  Develop a spirit of community and Service Mindedness.

v  Groom students to be multi-facetted citizens with well honed thinking skills, good communicative abilities and high self-esteem.

v  Enable children to appreciate and imbibe our rich cultural heritage and values.

v  Nurture and promote talent in sports and all co-curricular activities.

v  Achieve all of the above with right ambience, state of the art infrastructure and highly motivated, well trained faculty, whose professional skills are constantly enhanced.

A set of core values continue to guide through the process of transforming the conglomerate into a high-performing and caring environment for our students and society.

  • Improving quality of education of our students, as we believe quality is a way of life.
  • Creating value for parents, for the trust bestowed on us.
  • Building an empowered and educational family, as the foundation for a bright future.
  • Responsibility towards the society and environment, as we owe our existence to them.
  • Being innovative in solutions, for being different, counts.
  • Striving for excellence in whatever we do, to follow the exclusive path to leadership.
  • Flexibility and speed shall be our oars for navigating the turbulent seas.


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